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Social distancing made easy.

Maggy is a small wearable device helping you to maintain social distancing while keeping your privacy. With friends, family and colleagues. At home, at work, while shopping or on vacation.

Live your life.

How MAGGY works

MAGGY was one of the winning teams of the EUvsVirus Hackathon organised by the European Commission, out of 2.160 participating teams.

Audio & Vibrating

Maggy will sound an alarm and
vibrate for every unsafe crossing.

Pocket size

Maggy is as small as possible and
fits around a keychain or lanyard!

No Tracking

No registration needed! No data.
No tracking. Privacy-proof.

Latest Bluetooth Technology

MAGGY is as precise as 10cm.
Much better than all these apps!

Maggy's pre-ordered
since 27 april

By facilitating social distancing

Maggy enables:

Tourist & Cultural sites

Tourist and cultural sites to re-open safely by distributing a Maggy device among visitors.

Airports & Public transportation

Airports, train stations, busses, subways to enhance feeling of freedom, safety and control

Industrial sites

Industrial sites to restart activities while ensuring safety of employees.


Enterprises to safely invite their employees back to the office and clients.


Shops to welcome their customers again.

Elderly homes & Hospitals

Visits of elderly and hospitals patients to focus on human care.

Neighbourhoods, Friends & Families

Neighbourhoods to live again. Friends and family to meet-up again


Optional Mobile Management app.

The optional mobile app and platform allow to customize Maggy but usage is not mandatory. Corporate clients can have access to company wide anonymous compliancy scoring reports.

No registration needed

Tag friendly devices

Monitor distance compliancy

Personalise warning sounds

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Affordable Pricing.

We have capped the price of Maggy at 40 euro per device. Important discounts apply with increasing order volumes. Please fill in the request form and we will contact you with a detailed proposal.

MAGGY device

€48,4 incl VAT


excl VAT per device

Best price available for the MAGGY device.

  • MAGGY device
  • Charging cable
  • Access to companion app
  • Optional MAGGY lanyard
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Frequently Asked

Who is Maggy for?

Maggy is a great device for companies and organisations to provide their employees an easy way to keep the work environment safe. But also in factories, shops, museums, cultural sites, elderly homes or for family visits, Maggy helps everyone to keep a safe social distance. We’ve listed some examples here.

Do I need to download a mobile application?

No, Maggy works fully when you unpack it. If you want to extend the detection functionalities of Maggy or if you want to change the alarm sounds, then you can download the mobile Maggy management application.

What if not everyone has a Maggy device, will it still be useful?

Of course ! Just download the management application and unlock the detection of other Bluetooth devices. Maggy will then detect every Bluetooth signal near you. Don’t forget to mark your own bluetooth devices (phone, smartwatch, speakers,… ) as “Friendly” to avoid Maggy warnings.

Does Maggy work anywhere?

Yes, Maggy works everywhere, both indoor and outdoor. Even in a noisy surrounding, the vibrating alarm will warn you if someone is too close to you.

Where do I have to keep Maggy?

Keep Maggy on you. Maggy is a small device, so you can keep in on your pocket or purse and even hang it on a keychain or lanyard.

Do I need to recharge my battery daily?

Maggy is very energy efficient! The battery will last a few days and if Maggy runs out of energy, she’ll let you know!

How well did I keep my social distance?

Hopefully you did great ! If you want to know how well you did, you can download the mobile managment app and see what your social distance score is of today. Of course, you don’t see anything else then if and when the device triggered an alarm. No tracking, remember!

Do I need to register to use Maggy?

Not at all ! You don’t need to register anywhere. Maggy is 100% privacy proof. The device does not track you in any way.

How can I order the device?

Easy, fill in the form here and we will get in touch with you!

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