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Social distancing
made easy.

Maggy is a small wearable device helping you to maintain social distancing while keeping your privacy. In case of infection, the contact tracing capabilities allow you to maximise business continuity.

MAGGY was one of the winning teams of the EUvsVirus Hackathon organised by the European Commission, out of 2.160 participating teams.

No Tracking

No registration needed! No data.
No tracking. Privacy-proof.

Latest Bluetooth Technology

MAGGY is as precise as 15cm.
Much better than all these apps!

Audio & Vibrating

Maggy will sound an alarm and
vibrate for every unsafe encounter.


Maggy is as small as possible and
fits on a lanyard or clipon!


Optional Companion app.

The optional mobile apps allow to customize Maggy, but usage is not mandatory. Corporate clients can have access to company wide anonymous compliancy scoring reports via the web platform.

No registration needed

Tag friendly devices

Monitor distance compliancy

Personalise warning sounds

The fastest and easiest way of

Web Reporting + Contact tracing.

As an organisation you get access to the Maggy web platform. On the platform the contact tracing module can be enabled, allowing you to monitor the social distancing compliancy of your workforce and swiftly react in case of an infection.

GDPR compliant by design

No registration needed

User initiated

Effective & speedy

MAGGY device

€48,4 incl VAT


excl VAT per device

Best price available for the MAGGY device.

  • MAGGY device
  • Charging cable
  • Access to companion app
  • MAGGY lanyard
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