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Organise your event. Safely.

Remind your visitors to keep a safe distance while (finally) enjoying real life events! Maggy’s award winning social distancing device is now available for rent to help you organise a safe event.  Whether you’re organising an event for 10 or for 500 guests, Maggy has a solution for you to help your guest to feel safe!

Rent a social distancing device as from 9 euro per day! We deliver the devices to your event, fully charged and ready to go. After the event, we organise the pick-up of the devices on your chosen location.

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No Hassle

The Maggy devices will be delivered
fully charged and disinfected.

No Tracking

No registration needed! No data.
No tracking. Privacy-proof.

Latest Bluetooth Technology

MAGGY is as precise as 15cm.
Much better than all these apps!

Audio & Vibrating

Maggy will sound an alarm and
vibrate for every unsafe encounter.


Apps + Contact Tracing Platform.

The optional mobile apps allow to customise Maggy, but usage is not mandatory. Event organisers can have access to event-wide anonymous compliancy scoring reports via the web platform.

As an organiser you get access to the Maggy web platform allowing you to monitor the aggregated social distancing compliancy of your visitors. On the platform the contact tracing module can be enabled to swiftly react in case of an infection.

MAGGY device rental


excl VAT per device per day

Best pricing available for the MAGGY device:
10-500 devices = 15 € per device
500-1.000 devices = 12 € per device
1.000+ devices = 9 € per device

  • MAGGY device
  • Access to companion app
  • Contact Tracing Platform
  • Premium Service (fully charged + disinfected)
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